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Garage: Croxted Motors Of Dulwich

Welcome to the Croxted Motors Of Dulwich Garage section, We have full details of Croxted Motors Of Dulwich. We have the full address, phone numbers and website if they have one. Croxted Motors Of Dulwich in London. Croxted Motors Of Dulwich Can offer many Car services like MOTs, Car Parts, Window Tinting, Wheel Repairs, Car Repairs and Car Window Repairs in London give them a call to find out about all the Garage services they provide in London.

Garage Rank

Croxted Motors Of Dulwich
204 Croxted Road
London, SE24 9DG
Phone: 020 86740034

Latest Reviews

* Greg

This local dulwich garage is reliable, efficient and the services have been consistently reasonable with regards to price. Added bonus is that the guys in charge are always freindly and helpful! ...

Jun 17, 2011
* shakuntala

The garage is a fairly decent however the one particular member of staff was incredibly rude during a recent visit. Better attitude required!...

Jun 14, 2011
* anon

I recently put my car in for its MOT at this garage, which failed, not unexpected as it is an old car. It took them a week to assess the works with me continually having to call by or call up to chase them to get any answer from them. they quoted me a price then took 2-3weeks to to do it and then charged me double the quote! most on labour for the very welder that they say they couldnt get in. Turns out the repairs he did the first time failed the MOT again so they had to repair it yet again and didnt let me know this was happening as i wouldnt have agreed. awful communication and expensive experience. i wouldnt have agreed to it had i have known it cost that much as the car itself isnt worth anything near what was charged (300 - haggled down!). A garage shouldnt be failing its own repairs on an MOT, thats ridiculous. i wouldnt recommend them....

Sep 9, 2009
* John

For the second year running Ive had a dispute with Croxted Motors. Last year they presented me with a 250 bill after quoting 70 to carry out work to get my people carrier through an MOT. Today I was presented with a 250 bill to get the car through the MOT. A very large portion of this bill is for work that I didn\'t authorise. After a lengthy discussion with the guys in the garage, during which time I was offered the chance to \'make a deal\', I got the clarity that they had carried out work without a nod from me. I stated that I couldn\'t fill my tank with their fuel and then only pay what I felt like paying, they started to get my point. When I asked them to show me paperwork to prove the car had failed a gas test they couldn\'t show me it. I offered them the chance to re-fit all the old parts to the car and allow me to leave with a fail sheet, they couldn\'t do that either. I\'ve informed them that I\'ll be getting in touch with trading standard and left my car with them. Pretty poor show from a garage that seems to thrive on local business. Hopefully they will see sense......

Aug 1, 2009
* Dizzy

I take my car to these chaps all the time and have no complaints at all. I recently had some dents and scrapes dealt with, the paint job was brilliant and my car came back looking like a new car. The price they charged was literally half what Brownes Ford down the road would have charged, and they couldn\'t have done a better job....

Oct 23, 2008
* astaroth

We took our Fiesta there as it has failed it\'s MOT on it\'s emissions at Kwik Fit. Kwik Fit do not fix emissions problems and as such we had to find somewhere else to get it repaired. we were told by Croxted Motors that the car needed a new catalytic converter, which would cost 300. This duly paid, the car went back to Kwik Fit to be re-tested. It failed again on the same on the same thing, and it\'s emissions were exactly the same. The guy from Kwik fit said cars rarely need a whole new catalytic converter, and probably would have only needed a tune up. We took the car back to Croxted Motors and they kept it for three days to assess \"what had gone wrong\", each day promising it would be ready tomorrow. They kept it for so long that our 10-day re-test period at Kwik Fit ran out and we ended up having to pay Croxted Motors to carry out the MOT themselves. Upon getting it back the exhaust has now consistently caught on every speed bump we have gone over, despite getting it looked at twice. On top of this, the day after we got it back, we noticed that the spare wheel was missing out of the boot. Croxted Motors denied they had taken it until I started shouting at them, whereupon it miraculously turned up in the hands of one of their mechanics. I can only suggest to people that they avoid this place at all costs....

Jul 22, 2008
* S. ALDarei

They were great and I totally liked their prompt service. Croxted knew what to do much better than an AA Approved Service Centre such as (BECKENHAM) who weren\'t competant enough to know how to change a pollen filter for a 2004 Audi A6! ...

May 10, 2008
* S Brown

Put my car in for MOT here on in January. Was initially told it needed a silencer. Paid over 250 for this work to be done. It failed again and was told it could be spark plugs, oil or because it had been sitting for a while. Had this work done elsewhere (Kwik-Fit). It failed it\'s re-test again after this work was done and no explanation was given. I then had the work checked at another garage who found the silencer fitting and exhaust downpipes to be faulty. Took the car back to Croxted who sheepishly agreed. Now having to get a who;le new exhaust system elsewhere. My problems with them? 1) Why didn\'t they give me the correct information at the start (i.e. whole new exhaust system needed) at the start? b)How can an MOT station not do work to MOT standard?! (in the case of the silencer). Please don\'t make my mistake, avoid at all costs....

Feb 20, 2008

Map: Croxted Motors Of Dulwich Map:
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